HD Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) and the LH2CRAFT project

HD Korea Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering, HD KSOE for short, is the sub-holding company of the HD HYUNDAI group’s shipbuilding and offshore business. HD KSOE will fulfil its pivotal role of presenting the sector’s mid- to long-term development direction and growth strategies, while also taking to the next level the group’s technological competitiveness in the shipbuilding and offshore industry as a leading company specialized in R&D and engineering.

HD KSOE believes that a hydrogen economy that uses hydrogen as a major energy source will arrive, and it is necessary to develop a liquefied hydrogen transport ship that can transport large amounts of hydrogen as the hydrogen energy market is expected to expand and trade between countries is expected. There are ammonia and LOHC in addition to liquefied hydrogen to transport hydrogen in large quantities, but liquefied hydrogen is ultimately the most eco-friendly method.

Therefore, HD KSOE intends to contribute to the establishment of hydrogen value chain by developing a membrane-type liquefied hydrogen cargo containment system based on the experience of building lots of LNG carriers in cooperation with advanced research experiences and infrastructure in Europe. LH2CRAFT is the first stepping stone to develop liquefied hydrogen carriers, and it is meaningful to provide an opportunity to actively cooperate with advanced European engineering companies, universities, and classification societies in the process of building hydrogen value chain in the future.

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