Partner Introduction: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and LH2CRAFT

NTUA is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology and its school of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is performing research within a wide research spectrum which among others includes marine engines and ship propulsion systems, structural analysis and design of marine structures, hydrodynamics, economics and management. When dealing with any project, the aim of NTUA is to conduct high level research, taking into account all possible aspects of a problem and feed with the results of this research the future engineers and executives of the Greek Shipping Industry.

Observing the actions of IMO during the last decade, regarding the prevention and control of marine pollution, LH2CRAFT project is perfectly aligned with these environmental pursuits. When aiming to completely phase out fossil fuels, an essential first step is undoubtedly the implementation (at least partial) of zero emission fuels for shipping propulsion. Within this scope, LH2CRAFT project aims to initiate the aforementioned endeavour by integrating hydrogen as a fuel and by deliberating design, safety, modularity, regulatory and digitization aspects of liquid hydrogen storage within ships.

All the above are in total agreement with the vision of NTUA for a greener and more sustainable shipping. Given the fact that the end goal is to produce a long term and reproducible solution for a greener shipping sector, the development of global methodologies with primary focus on the modularity of the designed systems is critical. The Project and Consortium will benefit from NTUA’s extensive knowledge and previous research activities about composite and steel structures, auxiliary shipping systems and economic analyses.

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