Progress Update on Task 3.2: Modularity and Scalability Concept Development for the Tank Storage System

In pursuit of achieving modularity, our team, led by HDKSOE, has made significant strides in the insulation system’s design. We have implemented a three-layered approach, introducing the concept of unit insulation panels for each layer. These panels, measuring approximately 1,000 mm in both length and width, enable a modular approach to insulation installation.

As we progress, our focus is on tailoring the cargo tank dimensions to meet the required transportation capacity of liquefied hydrogen carriers. This entails calculating the optimal length, width, and height of the tank. Additionally, we are in the process of developing a draft installation procedure for the unit insulation panels to align with the calculated cargo tank dimensions.

These developments mark crucial steps towards enhancing the modularity and scalability of our tank storage system, ensuring efficiency and adaptability in meeting diverse transportation needs.

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