LH2CRAFT core consortium members are also the core team of NH3CRAFT, while HYDRUS Engineering S.A. coordinates both efforts

NH3CRAFT project is developing a next generation sustainable, commercially attractive, and safe technology for long-term storage and transportation of NH3-fuel on ships (1,000 m³ of liquid NH3 storage at 10 bar, built on a
31,000 tons DWT multi-purpose vessel;

sHYpS, supporting the decarbonization of the shipping industry, by leveraging on previous and on-going work and investment in fuel cell technology and developing an H₂-based solution adapted to multiple types of vessels.

sHYpS coordinator, Navalprogetti S.r.l., will be invited as member of the External Advisory Board (EAB) of LH2CRAFT so that the latter benefits from the know-how from both projects and will build upon the experience gained, but also benchmark its success against those two, ensuring maximum synergy and complementarity with ZEWT,

LH2CRAFT synergies with NH3CRAFT and SHYPS projects in the External Advisory Board

LH2CRAFT envisions a future with a carbon-free environment and sustainable development, centered around a hydrogen-based economy.
We strive for green manufacturing practices and minimal lifecycle costs from the initial concept to full implementation.

The most relevant national and international projects and innovation activities related to liquid H₂ in maritime