Task 4.1: Establishing Preliminary Design Objectives for an Innovative LH2 Carrier

The purpose of this task led by Hydrus is to establish the objectives for the innovative LH2 carrier design. This involves a comprehensive approach to defining the key parameters and requirements for the vessel. The main objectives to be considered are as follows:

-Vessel Principal Dimensions: Determining the vessel’s principal dimensions based on the operational profile and structural elements, including general arrangement, preliminary load line assessment, loading conditions, and initial compartmentation.

-Main Propulsion System Specification: Specifying the type and size of the main propulsion system to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

-Auxiliary Systems Specification: Defining the types of auxiliary systems required to support the vessel’s operations.

-Initial Stability and Strength Calculations: Conducting initial calculations for intact and damage stability, longitudinal strength, and tonnage measurement to ensure the vessel meets safety and regulatory standards.

By addressing these objectives, we aim to develop a robust and innovative design for the LH2 carrier that meets operational requirements and safety standards.

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